Red River Holdings


Red River Holdings Ltd was founded by local Thunder Bay brothers Tony and Tullio Provenzano in 1983. Atypically the brothers came from the auto parts supply industry, starting in the 70’s working the family business, T & T Auto Supply.
The opportunity arose for the brothers to purchase a residential apartment building on Red River Road which is now well known in Thunder Bay as Red River Towers. Here they developed skills not only in repairs and upkeep but in building construction. With this knowledge they began expanding the company portfolio with additional residential properties, commercial properties and eventually property development.

As the City evolved and transformed, Red River Holdings continued to diversify and innovate but the original policies tenants have grown accustomed to remain intact. The open-door policy has created an environment where tenants truly feel at home and greet management as easily as they greet staff. It wouldn’t be a normal day in the office without those tenants’ greetings as they pass by.

Strongly connected to the community and often participating in community events; the success of the business has allowed them to support local initiatives; donate to fundraisers and charities including the Thunder Bay Regional Hospital where they are recognized as major contributors.Going forward Red River Holdings will continue to offer rental options that meet the needs of the people and businesses in our community and remain true to our promise of providing superior customer service.